Medical Coding & Data Entry

What is Medical Coding?

Medical coders read a patient’s medical chart and analyze it, determining the patient's diagnoses and any procedures performed. They categorize those diagnoses and procedures according to a classification system, assigning a specific numeric or alphanumeric code to each diagnosis or procedure. Medical coders will take medical reports from doctors, it may contains a patient’s condition, the doctor’s report, a prescription, and whatever procedures the doctor or healthcare provider performed on the patient, and turn that into a set of codes, which make up a crucial part of the medical claim.

A medical biller and coder duties include:

Reading and analyzing patient records
Determining the correct codes for patient records
Using codes to bill insurance providers
Interacting with physicians and assistants to ensure accuracy
Keeping track of patient data over multiple visits
Managing detailed, specifically-coded information
Maintaining patient confidentiality and information security

Our Services Includes:

Image format to data entry
Patient details & chart information
Account and billing details
Medical insurance claim forms
Text and numeric data entry
Voice message to data entry
Hospital records
Medical Store Billing
Account and billing details
Lab Tests data records
Maintaining medical prescription Bills
Handwritten/printed document data entry
Medication records
Surgical treatment records
Charge entries
Clinical and healthcare records
Demographics entries
Handwritten/printed document data entry
Payment posting
Other Relevant Medical Documents

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